Third Wednesday of every month
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
405 Main St.
Truth or Consequences, NM

Preamble of the Democratic Party of New Mexico Platform

Democrats believe that every person matters. All New Mexicans should have an equal voice in how we are governed. We call out the disproportionate influence by rich and powerful special interests on our government. We affirm the ties of unity and inclusion that bind us together as one human family. We envision a New Mexico in which every person is treated with respect and every person can live a life of dignity with secure jobs that pay fair wages; an equitable economic system; not-for-profit universal healthcare; high-quality public schools; and a safe environment where the beauty and vitality of our land, water, and air are preserved for future generations. We hold these basic rights to be the natural heritage of all people and, as dedicated Democrats, we band together to claim that heritage for every member of our human community, both now and in times to come. 


The next regular meeting of the Democratic Party of Sierra County (DPSC) 

The next regular meeting of the Democratic Party of Sierra County (DPSC) will be held in January, 2024 at a time and place to be announced.   There will be no December 2023 general meeting.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who came to the Harvest Moon Democratic Dinner on September 23. We appreciate you being there and appreciate all the donations.  Every dollar will help the DPSC endorse Democratic candidates in Southwest New Mexico and will help us all work to get out the Blue Vote!