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To Danny Diaz, Sierra County Ward B Chair /Ward  A acting Chair! During the month of January, Danny coordinated efforts to obtain 162 signatures for the petition to place Representative Gabe Vasquez on the primary election ballot. Danny's enthusiasm inspired many people to help circulate the petition and to provide their signatures.

As a reward for submitting the highest number of signatures, Team Vasquez is giving Danny a lunch with Gabe! Well deserved Danny!

Preamble of the

 Democratic Party of New Mexico Platform

Democrats believe that every person matters. All New Mexicans should have an equal voice in how we are governed. We call out the disproportionate influence by rich and powerful special interests on our government. We affirm the ties of unity and inclusion that bind us together as one human family. We envision a New Mexico in which every person is treated with respect and every person can live a life of dignity with secure jobs that pay fair wages; an equitable economic system; not-for-profit universal healthcare; high-quality public schools; and a safe environment where the beauty and vitality of our land, water, and air are preserved for future generations. We hold these basic rights to be the natural heritage of all people and, as dedicated Democrats, we band together to claim that heritage for every member of our human community, both now and in times to come. 

Source: https://nmdemocrats.org/our-party/our-platform/ 

10 Ways the Biden - Harris Administration 

  has Helped New Mexico 

Note: this is the list of help just for New Mexico.  The Biden-Harris Administration

has helped millions of people throughout the United States.

See Whitehouse.gov for more information

1.     Provided $979 million  for K-12 Schools in New Mexico

2.    Provided $245 million for colleges, universities and their students

3.    Provided $2.5 billion for state and local aid

4.    Provided $320 million for child care relief

5.    Helped 252,000 families through child tax credits

6.    Provided high-speed internet at low cost or no cost to 785,000 low income families

7.    Lowered or eliminated healthcare premiums, saving the average person $800 a year

8.   Increased healthcare coverage by 45,000 people

9.   Vaccinated 1.5 people in New Mexico

10. Grew the economy and helped New Mexico add 61,200 people jobs


Set aside February 20* 

Sierra County Pre-Primary Election Convention!

 The Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM), 

has issued the official 

CALL to the 

DPNM 2024 

State Pre-Primary Convention. The DPSC Convention 

to be held

 via Zoom, Tuesday, 

February 20, 2024 

at 5:30 pm.  

Even $5.00 will 

help us endorse Democratic candidates in Southwest New Mexico


  See us on Facebook at Democratic Party of Sierra County NM

Gabe Vasquez Accomplishments

List coming soon....

Tara Jaramillo


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